Month: August 2015

Blog no. 27: Rick Scoates

Hello there fellow Bloggers! I SAID …. Oh never mind!

So this year we are focused on what happens after the show goes down 👇… But all euphoniumisms aside, I can only add a sad note that I always scuttle off for a well earned sleep; I have never been a nocturnal creature. 

I am however, quite active in the daytime! 

When Rachael(wife, guardian, protector and boss), is visiting, we walk the Cleveland Way, along the coastal path. Sometimes a cycle 🚴 to Filey or the other way to Furness Vale, Hackness, Lingdale End and back via Scalby. 

We have tripped in the car too with Mike and visited the Stephen Joseph with Kathy and Graham to see Woman in Black and on our own for Confusions.

When out, we have discovered a plethora, ( eh up Doris!) of wild life of the plethoric kind!

Lots of friends made with dogs, rabbits and birds of course, but some things I haven’t seen since a kid. A hedgehog! A deaf Roe deer, who would not respond to calling or singing 🎶 or anything else… 

The cows and bulls have been inquisitive, but more interested in dogs.

We saw a hawk on a rock which obliged us with a double flight passed us, and no pooping unlike the sea gulls.

But the main attraction were the seals. We saw one at Flamborough Head sunning itself and not so interested in us. At Ravenscar, we saw one 500 M. from the sea, spark out for the count ( ie, asleep ). Also at Ravenscar, many colonies which we could come quite close to. I serenaded a dozen or so in an impromptu concert on a rock! They were most obliged! 

This week Rachael has been away and I have been for personal training sessions with Stephen Lord a neighbour who is studying exercises. We have also been running, and, quaffing his highly nutritious energy cocktails!

On Friday I managed a 3 hours session and followed it by a 2 hours cycle. On Saturday ( once released from hospital! )I unleashed my Nutribullet to the world and I am now busy consuming cartloads of vegetables and fruit before it goes orf.

I was walking under the Ramshill Road Bridge when an old rotten bolt 🔩 fell off and onto a car with a resonant boom. It bounced off and chased after me, so I now have it as a momento, of a brush with death!

I have also been indulging in Tony Robbins life coaching videos on YouTube….Rachael and I did a firewalk with him back in ’94. It’s stirring stuff, check him out!

So the Spa seems like a different life!

My next appointment is on Tuesday when I sing with a choir singing old American hymns….. Well! Whatever next!

Well (as TR says)…. 

Till next time

live with passion. 

Best wishes Rick.