The Scarborough Spa Orchestra is the last remaining professional seaside orchestra in the UK. Every year we reconvene to present 4 months of varied music for the summer season.

This page contains our blog which serves as a personal insight into the musicians of the Spa Orchestra. There are contributions from the current members of the orchestra, just click here for the blog, or click ‘Blog’ above for the latest addition.  There are also links to our social media sites, including images and music, under ‘Follow the Spa Orchestra Online’, and more information including the history of the orchestra under ‘About’ .

Please feel free to comment on the blogs.  We do hope you enjoy this website as it is the players’ link to their audience, from those who come to every concert to those who are unable to come to any!


  1. My Father, Ted Lester sadly passed away on Monday 23rd March aged 92. He had been a season ticket holder of the Spa Orchestra for the last 15 years and hardly missed a concert. As a former Cricketer who was associated Yorkshire CCC for 50 years, he had lots of friends who would meet up at the Spa every season. Despite his failing health he still managed to get to the New Years Day concert this year and thoroughly enjoyed the music you played. He looked forward to every concert and I’m sure he wouldn’t have got to 92 if it wasn’t for the music every summer. Thanks for your performances. Kevin Lester

  2. Kevin, sorry to hear of your sad loss.
    My brother John and I are now remembering our father, Jim Allen, who passed away last Sunday, 8th May. Both he and his wife, Liz visited Scarborough for some decades and lived for the orchestra summer season. I am certain they would have spoken to your dad, Ted, as they loved to meet and chat.
    Thankyou to the orchestra and all the staff at the Spa. It was Mum and Dad’s best tonic.
    God bless.
    Jim and John Allen.

    1. This was the first year without Jim and Liz and we missed them so much , Jim’s incredible knowledge and vivacity <We remember them with great fondness and wish you all the best at Christmas .

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